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Audio Mastering: Essential Pracitces by Jonathan Wyner is now available through Hal Leonard, Amazon and all the usual places.

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Want to know more about what M-Works Studio has to say about Mastering and other relevant topics? Read below for sample clips of articles that have appeared in prominent music industry publications, featuring the master of music himself, Jonathan Wyner, Chief Engineer and President of M-Works. For more information on any of the below subjects, or to obtain a full copy of any of the reprints below, please email

What is Mastering?
When a client walks into my studio to work on their very first album, I invariably find myself spending 15-20 minutes, simply educating them about what it is that I will do. Often the only reason they've come to me is that someone more experienced said to them, "you've got to master before you put it out...". Mastering is likely the least understood part of the recording chain. So for the uninitiated I will try and fill you in on what happens when you 'master'.

-By Jonathan Wyner, printed in Performer Magazine

Analog vs. Digital
It is rare that a day goes by during which I am not confronted with a decision to perform some task in the analog domain or 'keep it digital'. As I sit in my chair pondering my next step I hear the raucous din of two camps lining up for battle.

-By Jonathan Wyner

M Works Rules Boston
Over the past eight years, Jonathan Wyner's Cambridge, Mass., M Works Mastering Studios has established itself as one of the top facilities of its kind in the Northeast, drawing a diverse clientele covering many different aspects of the entertainment industry.

-By Blair Jackson, Mix Magazine, AES Special Issue

The Mystery of Mastering
The Mystery of Mastering - understood less than ever before. Most people don't know what mastering is, and why should they? It isn't until your first or even second full-length CD that you even encounter the idea, much less try to comprehend why you might undertake it.

-By Todd Demma, SoundCheck Magazine

Resolution and Resolve
The basic premise of this piece is that you, as an artist, engineer orproducer are passionate about what you are doing. There issomething inside that is motivating you to attempt to succeed at something where there’s a low probability of success as defined byyour bank account and your ego. Knowing that you are moving ahead.

-By Jonathan Wyner

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