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  • Dennis Brennan
  • Dizzy Gillespie
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Audio Mastering: Essential Pracitces by Jonathan Wyner is now available through Hal Leonard, Amazon and all the usual places.

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What is Mastering

Welcome to M WORKS Mastering Studios --Boston's most comprehensive full-service mastering facility.

Mastering is one of the most frequently used yet misunderstood terms within the music industry, and yet a critical step in the production process. It is the final doorway your music passes through on its journey from creation to the consumer's hand, helping attain the best sound quality possible for your artist’s work. Like any art form, Mastering itself is a subjective process, which is why at M WORKS, we understand that choosing the right mastering facility for your project is a critically important decision. We will walk you through the process from beginning to end, paying close attention to your unique goals, and taking every measure to ensure we provide results that sound exceptional. The care, concentration, world-class equipment, and, most importantly, the experience that an M WORKS engineer can provide will successfully bring your musical vision to fruition.