• Aerosmith
  • Aimee Mann
  • Berklee College of Music
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Catie Curtis
  • Cave In
  • Christina Rosenvinge
  • David Bowie
  • Deborah Henson-Conant
  • Dennis Brennan
  • Dizzy Gillespie
  • Godsmack
  • Grace Kelly
  • Herbie Hancock
  • James Taylor
  • Jen Trynin
  • Ken Burns
  • London Symphony Orchestra
  • Marcus Miller
  • Mass Eye and Ear Audiology
  • Matt Savage
  • Merrie Amsterburg
  • Miles Davis
  • Miroslav Vitous
  • National Archive of New Zealand
  • Nirvana
  • PBS
  • Q Division Records
  • Relapse Records
  • Snakefinger
  • Syd
  • The Residents
  • Tiny Tim
  • Yehudi Wyner

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About Us

Led by chief mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner, who wields 30-plus years of experience in the mastering and production industries, M-WORKS is today one of the world’s most esteemed and versatile audio mastering studios. Since 1991, M-WORKS has mastered thousands of projects, dozens of which have won Grammy awards and have been certified Gold and Platinum (click here for a full list of credits). Under the direction and artistic guidance of Wyner, the studio has enjoyed a variety of recognition of its own, including a Grammy Nomination in 2005 for its production of the PBS special Invention and Alchemy, and the mastering of both the first recorded opera (Madame Butterfly), and the first interactive CD game (Play it By Ear) in history, as well as the first-ever webcast produced for WGBH Radio.

Specializing in providing careful attention to both the technical aspects of music mixing and production, and the unique needs of an artist’s original sounds, M-WORKS has worked with legends such as David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, as well as many talents within the independent artist community, in addition to recording label giants such as Columbia Records, Sony, Warner Brothers, and DreamWorks Studios. M-WORKS is committed to providing clients with an approachable experience that creates unparalleled results, and offers a range of services in addition to mastering. From jazz and blues to symphonic programs, classic rock and rap, to pop to country, M-WORKS excels at providing commercial and independent clients with the customized care, attention, and most importantly, experience, needed to fully master an artist’s vision and bring it to fruition.

We are pleased to have Nick Dragoni on our staff.  Nick comes to us from the esteemed SRT program at UMass Lowell and he has been working at M Works for more than six years.  Nick brings attention to detail and technical skill alongside musical chops that is M Works signature standard!


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M WORKS Studios prides itself on being a multi-functioning facility that continues to lead the mastering and production industries, adapting and growing with today's changing technology. Apart from providing the highest quality Mastering Services, M WORKS is able to offer Restoration, Location Recording and Duplication, as well as DVD Audio, Authoring and Encoding all under one roof. From legendary and independent artists to music hobbyists, M WORKS excels at giving each and every client world-over the attentive care needed to capture their musical vision. For information on any of the services listed below, please call us at for a quote at 617-577-0089 or email us at studio@m-works.com to discuss a price point that best suits your needs and budget. Let M-WORKS master your music.

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M-Works Studios and Equipment:


M-Works utilizes state-of-the art equipment and technology in each of its first class studios, providing services such as restoration, location recording, duplication, DVD audio, authoring, and encoding. Our comprehensive facilities are designed to provide each client with the best experience, sound, and results possible. Please see each section below for a detailed list of what M-Works can potentially bring to each and every project to make it the best it can be.





A) Augspurger Designed 27 x18 x 13, rated at NC15

B) Augspurger Designed 21 x 15 x 13, rated at NC20

C) Augspurger Designed production studio rated at NC20



Full Equipment Listing: 



 Monitoring Systems:

  • Dunlavy SC-V with Bryston Monoblock 7B-ST
  • PMC MB-2's
  • Lipinski 707, 2.2 and 5.2 driven by Channel Island Class D amps with (2)
  • JL Audio Fathom 113 subs www.lipinskisound.com




 Analog Decks:

  • Spitz modified ATR-102 with ref hi-flux 1/2" headstack
  • Alactronics modified Studer A80, hi-flux heads 1/2" and 1/4"
  • Various Otari decks set for 1/2 track and 1/4 track playback
  • Dolby A and SR noise reduction
  • Convection oven for tape restoration


Noise Reduction Software:

  • Izotope RX6 
  • Sequoia NR tools
  • Sony PCM-1630 w/DMR-4000 - DTA-2000
  • Dangerous Master and Dangerous Liaison analog


Outboard EQ:


  • Sontec MES 432 – C/9 EQ
  • SPL PQ
  • Dangerous BAX


  • Weiss EQ1-DYN Digital EQ 96/24 MK2 www.weiss.ch
  • TC Electronic TC6000 w/ Massenburg MDW EQ


Outboard Compression:


  • SPL Iron
  • Cranesong Trakker Discrete Class A Compressor-Limiter(pair) w/ custom side-chain filter www.cranesong.com
  • Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Electro-Optical Compressor/Limiter  w/ custom side-chain filter www.pendulumaudio.com
  • API 2500
  • Sontec DRC-202



Other Outboard Processing


Outboard Limiter:



  • Merging HORUS



  • TC Electronic TC6000
  • Izotope Ozone 5 advanced
  • Altiverb www.audioease.com
  • Lexicon 300


Selected Software processors:





Plugin Compressors

  • Izotope Ozone 
  • Sonnox Inflator
  • PSP Busspressor and OldTimer ME
  • various UAD

Plugin Limiters

Recording Gear



Mic Pre’s




Coffee Makers: (we saved the best for last)





,,,,,Studios and Equipment 4,Page,Welcome to M WORKS Mastering Studios --Boston's most comprehensive full-service mastering facility.

Mastering is one of the most frequently used yet misunderstood terms within the music industry, and yet a critical step in the production process. It is the final doorway your music passes through on its journey from creation to the consumer's hand, helping attain the best sound quality possible for your artist’s work. Like any art form, Mastering itself is a subjective process, which is why at M WORKS, we understand that choosing the right mastering facility for your project is a critically important decision. We will walk you through the process from beginning to end, paying close attention to your unique goals, and taking every measure to ensure we provide results that sound exceptional. The care, concentration, world-class equipment, and, most importantly, the experience that an M WORKS engineer can provide will successfully bring your musical vision to fruition.,,,,,What is Mastering 5,Page, This section is designed to provide you with everything you need to know once you're ready to have your music mastered. Whether booking your first session, deciding on which format to bring in or wondering where the closest sushi restaurant is, within these pages you'll get the lowdown on what M Works has to offer.

if you want to try our online schedule use the following URL:

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M Works Mastering Studio
60 Hampshire St
Cambridge, MA 02139
TEL : 617.577.0089

,,,,,Contact 8,Subpage, Jonathan Wyner, Chief Mastering Engineer and Company President. Jonathan has mastered more than 6000 CD's during the last 29 years spanning every musical idiom (and some non-musical idioms as well!). Jonathan holds an AB in French Horn and Composition from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY.

He has been an instructor at the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio and at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. A Recording Engineer since 1983, Jonathan began his career as a Mastering Engineer in 1985 as the compact disc was becoming a reality. He studied digital mastering with one of the pioneers in the field for 5 years prior to establishing M Works Mastering. His credits range from the extremely well known (James Taylor, David Bowie, Aerosmith, Kiri Te Kanawa), to the more idiosyncratic and independent artists/labels (Aimee Mann, Tiny Tim, Rahsaan Roland Kirk). In 2005 Jonathan received a Grammy nomination for producing a program for Deborah Henson-Conant with orchestra entitled Invention and Alchemy that also aired on PBS nationally. He has several firsts/superlatives to his credit including mastering the first interactive CD Game (Play It By Ear, Rykodisc), what we believe to be the longest CD (80:32 for Razormaid Records), the first recorded opera (Madame Butterfly recorded 1912 by the BBC). His skills extend to premastering for CD-ROM as well as forensic and restoration work using Izotope RX and Sonic Solutions' No Noise system. Jonathan prides himself in the fact that he is among the elite group of mastering engineers to have run the marathon in under 3 hours repeatedly.

,,,,1,Engineers 9,Subpage, View All Music Credits

Artists Recording Labels
Aimee Mann
Apples In Stereo
Billy Novick
Bim Skala Bim
Blake Babies
Bob Mould
Bruce Springsteen
Bullock Brothers
Cabaret Voltaire
Carol Noonan
Cave In
CBS Sports
Combustible Edison
David Bowie
Deborah Henson-Conant
Discovery Channel
Dizzy Gillespie
Duke Robillard
Ellis Paul
His Name Is Alive
Holmes Brothers
Howie Day
Jack Drag
Jackie Fountaine's
James Taylor
Jeanie Stahl
Jen Trynin
John Ellis and His Jazz Players
Juliana Hatfield
Kiri Te Kanawa
Laura Nyro
Letters To Cleo
Lydian String Quartet
Mark Doyle
Mark Lanagan
Martin Sexton
Marty Wilson-Piper
Mary Lou Lord
Melissa Ferrick
Merrie Amsterberg
Mickey Steele & The Alloys
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Miles Davis
Miss Fortune
Mission Of Burma
Mistle Thrush
Naked Sams
New Black Eagle Jazz Band
New England String Ensemble
NFL Films
O Positive
Omar Thomas
Orchestra Morphine
Powerman 5000
Quick Fix
Quintaine Americana
Railroad Jerk
Reeves Gabrels
Richard Thompson
Robert Poli
Roomful Of Blues
Rory Block
Rustic Overtones
Sarah Harmer
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Shabba Ranks
Sheila Divine
Shonen Knife
Sol y Canto
Solomon Burke
Starline Rhythm Boys
Stone Coyotes
The Cream
The Gigolo Aunts
The Golden Palominos
The Gravel Pit
The Lemonheads
The London Symphony Orchestra
The lot Six
The Magnetic Fields
The Pills
The Push Stars
The Red Telephone
The Residents
The Samples
The Stompers
The Upper Crust
Thelonius Monk
Thurston Moore
Tiny Tim
Tom Hambridge
Tracy Bonham
William Mckinley
X Files X
Ace of Hearts Records
Arch Enemy
Artis Musicai
Cow Island Records
Fenway Records
Fort Apache
Heads Up International
Hydra Head
Kiwi Pacific
Knitting Factory
New Zealand National Archives
Newport Classic
Pure Pop Records (Australia)
Q Division
Stoney Plain
Sub Pop
Tommy Boy
Twentieth Century Fox Music
Warner Brothers
Windham Hill
Zero Hour